Seagull Childcare

Shaldon, South Devon

Fees & Forms


I offer a full range of term-time cover, including mornings, lunchtime and afternoons.

I also provide after school and holiday support. 

Please call me to discuss your needs.

Rates: The standard rate is £5 per hour which reflects the personal nature of the service and the fact that I offer appropriate refreshments depending on the time of attendance.

After School and Holidays: I offer school holiday cover and  after school hours activities and support during term time

Contract term : The parents will contract the services for the upcoming school term or holiday period.
Charging periods: Seagull Childcare’s timetable is based on the school terms within the academic year and the Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays.
Payment in advance: Parents are expected to pay the contracted rates for the up-coming half term or holiday period in advance and will receive refunds at the end of the period as appropriate.

Vouchers; We do not accept payment through voucher schemes.

Young childrens’ introduction: The smallest children are offered a trial period attending one morning a week for a half term by way of introduction. They then move up to more days per week and start a more formal new contract.

Collecting children: I am quite happy to collect children from the Shaldon pre-school or the primary school if they are attending a session of two or more hours with me.
Late collection: If children are collected late ( over 15 minutes ) without a genuine emergency or agreement in advance then a late collection fee of £4 will be payable.
Sickness and Vacations: Vacations should be notified 6 weeks in advance. If I am ill or on vacation then there is obviously no charge. If the child is ill or cannot attend as parents are ill then the standard charges apply. Vacations agreed more than 6 weeks in advance will not be charged, but short notice or un-arranged days off within the term will be charged at half rate. Other emergencies and unplanned non-attendance due to hospital visits etc will be charged at half rate.
Termination: Parents should give at least 6 weeks notice before the end of a term if they do not wish their child to attend the following term

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Download a summary of fees


Download the forms you need to complete to provide joining information

Child Information Record

Child info

Consent form


Medical Record


The form below is the contract you will sign when you first attend that agree rates and attendence



Call me to chat through your needs

on 01626 872500