Seagull Childcare

Shaldon, South Devon


girl colouring

Activities include painting, drawing and craft making, often on seasonal themes, and cooking. Past projects have included working on art and craft for Remembrance Day and contributions towards the Shaldon Primary School’s ‘Children in Need’ project.
Children are also given free time and space to do as they please whether watching TV or just resting.
My home, on the Strand, is virtually right on Shaldon beach. It’s a five minute walk to the riverside park and playground and ten minutes to the Botanical Gardens. The Ness, including the Shaldon Wildlife Trust, is also within easy reach.
Children can gain a lot from early contact with animals; they learn to respect them and learn how to handle and look after them. But, due to the commitment of looking after them, or perhaps because someone has an allergy, it's not always possible for all families to have pets.
Lots of fun can be had whilst out walking with Jack and Trump, my two Jack Russells; they provide excellent exercise with the children and the dogs chasing around after each other.  




A bonfire

Chinese Tiger

Chinese Tiger





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fish picture

Fish Project

the sea

The sea